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Watch Works – What We Do – Portable Archival Scanning, Restoration, Asset Management and Preservation

Watch Works provides the highest quality scanning for productions, archives and private film collections. We are committed to translating photo-chemical motion picture film, whether prints, negatives or intermediate elements, with all their properties in-tact to the digital realm.

Our unique services are distinguished by our ability to bring the process to you. Rather than move what may be delicate and irreplaceable films, we set up our workspace where the film lives. We will prep the film for scanning. Acquire the image and the audio to digital files, then back up the data to any storage media you prefer including archive-quality LTO tapes.

Audio can be acquired from either the optical tracks (which we scan and convert to .wav files) or from magnetic media. You can choose to have us conform the audio and picture. We can transcode to any file format from the original RAW scans. You have immediate viewing copies of your films and their content.

Once your film collection has been saved to digital media we prepare your films for long-term storage. All the elements can be bar coded and cataloged in a database we create for you. You then have on-going access to your films through the digital copies while the precious original is safe in storage.